What is doneityeti?

What is doneityeti.com?

Done it Yeti is a suite of online, easy to use, FREE project management tools.

You will be able to organise and share files, images and key information and easily group and sort them into projects, tasks and timelines.

Collaborate more quickly and efficiently with colleagues to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget.

FREE to use - with no ads!

The Done it Yeti system will be completely free to use for individuals, with unlimited projects, files and usage.

We have planned a complete 'arrive & drive' interface, which will be quick, intuitive and easy to use.

No advertising! Even though it's free, we promise there will be no advertising to get in the way of your day to day workflow.


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We're really hoping you can help spread the word and encourage plenty of people to register, follow or like what we're doing.

This is an exciting, leading edge project, which provides a set of tools we can all benefit from.

Help us out, share this link, subscribe for information, or just secretly keep an eye on what we're up to!

For your Team

Who's responsible for this?

Melon Web Design is a group of experienced planners, designers and developers based in the UK.

We have lots of experience in both building online applications and running a busy design and development studio.

We are determined to deliver an outstanding, powerful online project management tool.